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Klein Teacher Resources

Resources Brochure

Here is the Resources Brochure that I have given to teachers in the past at the beginning of the year. This year, we will be maintaining teacher resources here on the Benfer Library Wiki however, so that it is accessible from any computer, no matter where you are! I provide it here, just in case you'd like to print it for yourself.

The passwords have been omitted from this copy of the brochure, and from some of the resources on this page due to licensing reasons. The online database passwords (Ebsco, Encyclopedia Britannica, PebbleGo!) are easy to remember though--they're all the same! Have you noticed the big logo on the library wall...


Just in case you can't remember the passwords for all our resources, I plan to keep a password chart on Kleinshare in the Benfer Library folder for you to print out for your students. It will match the one that is on the walls in both computer labs. I will also save a spreadsheet on Kleinshare, which will contain all the passwords, including those strictly for teacher use.

Teacher Resources

Klein Employee Connect

Did you know that you can access Kleinshare and your N: drive from home? You can!
Go to Klein Employee Connect--from the Employee Access link on kleinisd.net--and you can access:
  • N:\ drive
  • Kleinshare
  • Atomic Learning
  • Email
  • Eduphoria
  • Gradespeed
  • Netstart (web site creator)
  • KUTV
Use your regular network login to access this handy portal!

Atomic Learning

Computer tutorials for TONS of different technology topics, including blogging with students, MS Office Suite tutorials, using wikis, podcasting and much more.
Your ID is your full klein email address, and your sign up pass is klein. Change that password on your first login!

Discovery Education Streaming

Streaming video & graphics for classroom use. You’ll LOVE this resource! Great videos for your students, lesson ideas from other teachers, etc. You sign yourself up for Discovery using Benfer’s Passcode: (see jamie)


You will come to know Eduphoria well! Here you access district professional development class registration, curriculum liks, computer help, lesson planning, student performance data and more.
Use your regular network login to access Eduphoria information.


From a Klein computer, simply type kutv in the browser address bar.
KUTV is Klein's video server. When you find an educational video at home on Youtube, you can request that it be loaded onto KUTV so that you can access it from school. As people begin using KUTV, it will become a more and more useful resource, hopefully!


The library and some grade levels have, in past years, maintained a list of web sites that you might find useful. Take a look at the bookmarks that are stored here--some of the grades have worked really hard to keep a great list here for student use.
If you'd like to add links here so that other teachers and students can access them, you must sign in: use benfer and teacher. For the past couple of years though, I have used social bookmarking sites such as Delicious and Diigo with better results--the "social" is built in, so it is easier to share your bookmarks with your team! These sites may not be open to students, however, so if you want to maintain a static listing of sites, you might try our MyBookmarks list. See more about social bookmarking here.


LOADS of web resources, including author interviews (audio and video). This is a very useful resource for fresh ideas and information about books and authors! Each grade has a author study unit in the spring too, and this site will come in very handy!
To log in, use your klein email address and use kleinisd for pass.