Using Blogs and Wikis

with Klein Students



Why Blogging?

Media Literacy topics such as analyzing appropriate written conventions used in various types of communication (email, formal writing, video games) appear in the Texas ELA/Reading TEKS objectives as early as the 2nd grade. More basic Media Literacy objectives such as identifying different techniques used to make media more effective appear even in the Kindergarten standards.
Here is a quick analysis of how the Media Literacy strand is represented in the ELA/Reading TEKS objectives at this time:

Media Literacy Strand of ELA TEKS 2010 -

or click below, if the above does not work:

In Klein, students will use Gaggle Communications to access email, a blogging tool, a digital locker and more, in order to help meet these Media Literacy objectives. Teachers may find that this tool is powerful in helping students meet many other curricular needs as well.
At this time, all Klein students and teachers have a Gaggle account. Here is an information guide from the KISD Educational Technology team about Gaggle in Klein:
One thing to remember is that this link on the Educational Technology page of must be used. Our logins will not work on the company's generic page.


For a great, quick, informative explanation of what a wiki is and how it might be used, go to the Connect2MyLibrary Home Page and click on the video! Klein ISD maintains a group of "private label" wikis in order to promote a safer, more controlled environment for student work. Additional training through the library will be offered to help teachers in using this amazingly handy tool. Ask Jamie if you need help right away!

Please Note:
As the Benfer Library Wiki is not designed for use directly with students, but is rather a resource for teachers, to help them enrich and inform their professional practice, it is not maintained on the Klein private label, and is, by design, accessible to the world. Please see my statement to this effect on the home page. --jcc