Resources for

Landforms Research

Prepared initially for 3rd grade, Jan 2011


coastal plain

Online Databases/District Resources

Note: our database passwords are available on Kleinshare in the Benfer folder>Staff>Library>Database_Passwords and most are posted on the wall chart in both computer labs.

Search our school library on


Encyclopedia Britannica

Note: articles in the elementary section of EB Online School Edition
can be read aloud to students by the computer, if desired. This is an excellent differentiation tool--great for ELLs as well!
To read an article aloud, click on the little speaker icon at the beginning of each article in EB Online in the Elementary section.
This option will not work on a computer with a wireless connection, however. Use a wired connection.

Students do have access to Middle School and High School EB Online as well, so if they do not find what they need in the Elementary section, it is worth a try to look at all levels.

A Few Suggested EB Online Articles:
Erosion Note some of the excellent videos and illustrations that are included in this article, such as Types of Erosion diagram.
Mountains Note the multimedia resources included in many EB Online entries as well, such as this video about the formation of mountains.

Discovery Streaming Online

There are almost 200 videos/clips listed with a search for landforms in Discovery Streaming. An example is the video Geographical Features: Landforms. There are segments about mountains, valleys, highlands, lowlands.
Geographical Features: Landforms. 100% Educational Videos, 2000. Full Video. 23 January 2011.


Don't forget that Nettrekker is a great resource for academic web searching. I tell students that when they feel like doing a Google search for research, try Nettrekker first. This is a great resource for teacher lesson plans, etc. too.

Web Resources

FOSSweb: Landforms module
Check out this web site from Full Option Science System! Your students might be especially interested in the multimedia links--click on MEDIA in the menu on the left. Or check out Ask a Scientist. Very interesting!

Harcourt School: Types of Land

This clickable map of the US links the various major landforms in the US to short articles about them.

**Kennesaw State University's Educational Technology Dept: Habitats & Landforms**

Tons of links here!

National Geographic: Surface of the Earth

Wow! This is an excellent multimedia site for landform research. Typically amazing NatGeo photos of all the various landforms--well worth a look!

WorldAtlas: Landforms of the United States

Take a look at this map that outlines the major landforms within the US.