Monday May 2

Check out one, two or all three links below and find something to use!
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CampWildAvatar.jpgCool Site of the Day

Build Your Wild Self

Check out this fun site from New York Zoos and Aquariums and the Wildlife Conservation Society! Students can make a wild avatar of themselves and learn about different types of animals along the way! Have fun! Be wild!

Watering_Can.jpgOnline Resources

Did you know that PebbleGo
has Lesson Plans and Reproducibles? Be sure to check out the Share What You Know section--this would be a fun thing for young students to do with the Starboard.
To get to the Share What You Know section, go to an animal's information page, and there is a link on the left in a purple bubble. Check it out! (Remember: username/password is the same as for all our other library databases--it's written in huge letters on the library wall!)

Shovel.jpgTech Tip

Learn some keyboard shortcuts to simplify your work!
Here are a few helpful shortcuts:
Hold down this key:
Tap this key:
To do this:
Windows key (right of Ctrl key)
Open My Computer window
Find a word or phrase on the web page or document that is open
Switch between open programs
Learn more handy keyboard shortcuts here at Life Hacker or here on Wikipedia.

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