Tuesday May 3

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Water_Sprayer.jpg Cool Site of the Day


Remember the graphic on the back of the orange Benfer Spirit Shirts? That was created on Wordle, and I know that many of you have used that web tool with your students. It's an interesting way to visualize data. One suggestion is to have students copy/paste a piece of their writing--a report, essay, etc. The words that they use the most will be bigger, and it helps them to see when they are overusing a word or phrase. :)
Tagxedo is very much like Wordle, but it has many more options! As the web site states, Tagxedo turns words into a visually stunning tag cloud. The cool part about it is that it can be created in various shapes, like this:


Use Tagxedo to turn text into an interesting word cloud shape! Tammy Worcester has a great tip to help you get started. Click on the link and then click on Tip of the Week and search for Tip #87.

Water_Can_Purple.jpgOnline Resources

Stumped for engaging student research ideas?
Take a look at some of the inquiry-driven lesson plans provided by Region 20, (they host the Texas State K-12 Research Databases). Each lesson plan is complete, with correlated TEKS objectives, research database suggestions, all supplementary materials and detailed plans, including grading rubrics. Check some out for your grade level!
Example K-1 Lesson Plan

Clippers.jpgTech Tip

Here's another handy Microsoft tip!
Adding a hyperlink in Word and PowerPoint
You can choose to add a hyperlink in two ways:

They both go the the same site, but which looks nicer?

To add a hyperlink in Word and PowerPoint,
  • highlight the word you want to link
  • Click on Insert
  • Click on Hyperlink
  • The word should appear in the Text to Display box
  • Type or paste the URL in the Address box
  • Click OK.

This tip will work in Powerepoint or in a Word document that will be viewed on a computer, rather than printed out. Handy!

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