Wednesday May 4

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Water_Sprayer.jpg Cool Site of the Day


Water_Can_Purple.jpgOnline Resources

Did you ever find a video on Youtube that you want to use with your students, but there's no way to do it here at school? Now there is--it's called KUTV (Klein U-Tube Video).
To get there at school:
  • just open a browser
  • type this in the address bar: kutv
There are tons of videos there already that you can use with your students!
For more information about how to get a video uploaded to KUTV, or how to access it from home, watch the videos below!
How do I access KUTV from home?

Click Play, then Right Click & Full Screen!

Submitting a Video to KUTV

Click Play, then Right Click & Full Screen!

Clippers.jpgTech Tip

Have you ever needed to submit a help desk ticket, but don't know what the network name or serial number of your computer is? Or the tag is soooo small that it's not fit for human eyes to read it? (And no, I don't need glasses--words just need to be printed bigger these days)
Here's an easy way to find that information that doesn't require crawling around on the floor looking for the serial number!
  • open a new tab in Internet Explorer
  • type this in the address bar: sysinfo
  • up pops your IP address and your computer's network name! Handy, eh?

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