Poetry Resources

Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.
~Carl Sandburg

Each year, April is designated Poetry Month, and we will gather a few resources here that you and your students might enjoy! I've tried to find resources that you might not have seen before, or that seem just particularly intriguing! I'll be adding as I find things--hope you find something useful!

There are lots of other links on Jamie's Diigo Links for Poetry.

Poem in Your Pocket Day

Here is the official Poem in Your Pocket Day Web Site. Remember that the day is celebrated in Klein on April 12, because of STAAR testing.
Jamie has a copy of the tear-out poem books in her office. Come by and pick one if you want!
Here are some poems that you can use for yourself or your students if you have a POEM EMERGENCY!!!
Poem Cards 2012

Magic Box

This poetry project would be amazing to complete with one of our classes! Such poem stems as the one used here make poetry accessible
to even the most reluctant poet. And the video would be simple to make. I love this project. Please, won't somebody do it with their class???? It would be adorable! :)

Shel Silverstein Resources 2012

Shel Silverstein Event Kit -

ShelSilverstein Poetry2012

Michael Rosen: Britain's Children's Poet Laureate

NEA: Bringing Poetry to the Classroom

NEA: Bringing Poetry to the Classroom
Lesson plans, suggested poetry books, activities. Take a look!

Poets' Sites

Sharon Creech
Douglas Florian
Robert Munsch
Jack Prelutsky
Joyce Sidman
Shel Silverstein