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Polar Express Day Activities

On Thursday, December 18, 2014, students and teachers at Benfer will celebrate the season with Polar Express Day!


We will wear school appropriate pajamas, and enjoy reading Chris Van Allsburg's book, The Polar Express.
Students may take part in activities related to the theme of the day!

On this page, we will gather resources and activity ideas that teachers and students might enjoy.

Resources: Benfer Library & Other Klein Resources

At Benfer, we have 3 copies of the book Polar Express, and all classes will need to read the story aloud before Dec. 18.
If you have your own copy of the book, it would be a good idea to bring it to school for your read aloud! It will ease the demand on our 3 copies!

Activities, Lesson Plans, Ideas...

Chris Van Allsburg Reads Polar Express!

Hear the author read this holiday classic on Barnes & Noble's Online Storytime!

  • Click here to go to the book's page on the B&N site.
  • Scroll down past the section that says OVERVIEW. Just under that (above Editorial Reviews) is a small video window with a play button.
  • Click on the video.
  • Expand to full screen.

Houghton-Mifflin Polar Express Teacher's Guide

Check out the info on the Houghton-Mifflin Polar Express page
where you will find resources such as this Teacher's Guide!

This is the official publisher's Polar Express site, and it has some great resources on it! Of particular note is the Activity Calendar--a new activity each day--starting December 1!

Polar Express Day Plans

Here is a great blog post describing one teacher's plans for her Polar Express Day, with pictures of the kids and the fun learning they did!
Great ideas!

Polar Express Teaching Theme

This teacher's page has lots of good ideas and links on it to help you
and your students celebrate Polar Express Day! Lots of pictures and links to templates!

Reader's Theatre Script

by Catherine Trinkle
Here is a Reader's Theatre script for Polar Express--it was written by Indiana librarian, Catherine Trinkle. Via Elementary Library Routines Wiki, she writes:
I love to turn any script I can into R.T. for 2 readers
so that every kid reads a lot more! Plus, opportunities for writing your own poems at the
conclusion of the script.

Teachers Pay Teachers Free Resources

Check out some of the good ideas (free too!) on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Check out this teacher's collection of Polar Express ideas and activities!

Lots More Ideas!

Haven't found Polar Express ideas you like yet? Here are some more resources to try:

Explore the holiday experience with a variety of activities!

  • Teachers Pay Teachers (free)
Check out some of the good ideas (free too!) on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Web Resources

Van Allsburg's official web site!

Reading Rockets:

A Video Interview with Chris Van Allsburg