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Texas K-12 Research Databases

Texas K-12 Databases

When it's time to explore a topic with your students, do some research or just find out more about an interesting subject, the Texas K-12 Databases are your starting point! Use the standard school passwords for these resources if necessary--Jamie can remind you what they are, and they're also posted in the computer labs.

Students should start with the elementary resources, and work their way up to middle school or high school if , and their research task requires it. Sometimes there are different multimedia items available through the secondary Encyclopedia Britannica, for example.
The Texas K-12 Databasesare great for professional reading or research

as well--especially for those of you in graduate classes!
Use the standard school passwords for these resources--Jamie can remind you what they are, and they're also posted in the computer labs.



Students will love this new resource that provides facts, videos, sounds and games about animals! This database is specially designed for K-2nd grade students, but it's so much fun that I think older students will like it too!

from School Library Journal, July 2010, p. 53:
PebbleGo's leveled text, along with its science-related content activities and entertaining videos make this database a great learning station for the classroom, as well as an introductory tool for teaching youngr students how to do research (as well as cite their sources). Read-along text accompanying each article helps struggling readers as they work independently and encourages students to practice their reading skills as they research their favorite topics.


Library Catalog

This year, we are so excited to be introducing a new online catalog to search for books in the Benfer Library. But our new catalog is so much more than that! Stay tuned for more info!

Online Resources


(for student and teacher use)
Students should use this resource before they head to Google!
Nettrekker returns hit from educator-evaluated sites only, and there is a lesson plan search option for teachers too! Very handy!

Each returning teacher previously set up their own username/password.
Students may have already set up their own username/passwords too.
Suggestion: teachers set up accounts for your students if they don't have an account yet. Use their regular pin that they are used to using when logging into other school resources such as learning.com .